About Us

The Barack Obama Green Charter Schools, formally The Barack Obama Green Charter HS, was established in 2010. BOGCS  is a small district that has a Middle and a High School. We are located in the historic Plainfield, NJ and 95% of our enrollment is from the families that reside in the city. BOGCS is a Tier1 school district and has been recognized by many institutions for its outstanding academic achievements throughout the years. 

Mission Statement

The mission of The Barack Obama Charter Schools is to prepare students to become resilient, productive and independent critical thinkers. Our goal is to inspire leaders to be innovative and life-long learners with a focus on global citizenship. Students will be educated in a school community that models high expectations for both scholarship and integrity. The Barack Obama Green Charter Schools will facilitate clear connections between the curriculum, the community and the world.


Vision Statement

Graduates of the Barack Obama Green Charter Schools will demonstrate exceptional capability in communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and responsible behavior. They will acquire and respect knowledge, be life-long learners, and good citizens.


Graduate Profile

Students who graduate from BOGCS possess the following qualities:


  • Innovative 

  • Collaborative

  • Community Oriented 

  • Digital and Global Citizen

  • Lifelong learner

  • Respectful

  • Resilient

  • Effective Communicator 

Why Us

We all know that it takes a village to raise a child. That mantra is the driving force of the educational philosophy we utilize. We use a village approach to mold and educate the youth and we also teach them that they are a part of the village and they are responsible for ensuring the village remains sustainable. We teach the children the importance of maintaining our communities, our county, and the world. We teach our children to advocate for themselves and for those who are less fortunate. We have partnered with The United Nations to help further the mission of their Sustainable Development Goal campaign because we too believe that if we work to fix the issues identified by the UN we will bring great change to our community.  

The Barack Obama Green Charter Schools
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