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At Barack Obama Green Charter High School, students learn to question, experiment, problem solve, design and express their ideas. Our dynamic, collaborative curriculum is designed to stretch students’ ways of thinking and stimulate their natural curiosity of youth.

Research & Discovery
Our faculty teach students to apply research and analytical skills to today’s pressing social, economic and environmental issues. They answer questions such as “What is effective that’s already being done? How can I make an impact now and in the future?”. 

Guest speakers are often invited to the school to share their professional knowledge and discuss their career experiences. Their workshops cover industry trends and business-related technology. Students have learned about effectively using social media, graphic design software and more. 

Students learn to apply sustainable thinking across disciplines. They learn real life examples of sustainability that can be applied to their coursework and community leadership.

In our inquiry based, hands-on program, STEM concepts are investigated through a variety of collaborative and independent activities. Computer and engineering concepts are integrated into the subject curriculums.

The Barack Obama Green Charter Schools

The Barack Obama Green Charter Schools
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The Being, by Jaylee MarinAnnouncements

Congratulations to our very own Jaylee Marin!!

Jaylee is sculpture is exhibited on the first page of the 2022 Fresh Perspective Exhibition hosted by the Morris Museum.