Meeting Calendar

Due to the impact of COVID-19, The Barack Obama Green Charter High School will conduct its monthly Board of Trustees meeting via web conference call beginning at 7:00pm on the listed dates.

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BOGCS Board of Trustees Meeting Dates 2021
July Wednesday 21st
August Wednesday 18th
September Wednesday 15th
October Wednesday 20th
November Wednesday 17th
December Wednesday 15st



BOGCS Board of Trustees Meeting Dates 2022
January Wednesday 19th
February Wednesday 16th
March Wednesday 16th
April Wednesday 27th
May  Wednesday 25th
June Wednesday 15th
July Wednesday 20th
August Wednesday 17th
September Wednesday 21st
October Wednesday 19th
November Wednesday 16th
December Wednesday 21st


BOGCS Board of Trustees Meeting Dates 2023
January Wednesday 25th
February Wednesday 15th
March Wednesday 15th
April Wednesday 26th
May Wednesday 17th
June Wednesday 21st